Welcome to Visser Diamonds

Our Business is Diamonds. Our Passion is People.

Visser Diamonds is an international diamond marketing company with offices in South Africa, Belgium and Dubai. Our main focus is operating in international diamond tenders and the mining industry.

About 10 million people all around the world are involved in the global diamond industry. This large industry houses many various companies and markets therefore we, Visser Diamonds, strive to render the best services in rough and polished diamond trading to keep ahead in the industry. We are humbly successful in our endeavours.

By utilising our professional expertise, we are able to grade diamonds in relation to the fast growing and ever changing diamond market. Therefore, you can rest assured, knowing that we provide the best possible prices as well as quality products to all of our customers.

Our aim is to provide the highest value to our customers, because we believe that providing trustworthy transactions build long-term relationships with our customers, which is essential to our growth.